We offer our customers only used computer hardware which has been professionally prepared for resale by our specialists (refurbished). Our Occassions offers give you high-quality equipment at a fraction of the original price.

You will notice that we classify in our article descriptions which quality level the corresponding articles have. Below you will find detailed information on the defined quality levels:



undamaged, without significant defects, technically faultless

The term "undamaged, without significant defects, technically faultless" refers to devices that are used and show slight signs of wear and tear. However, such wear and tear is negligible or insignificant.



Slightly damaged, with slight optical defects, but technically faultless

"Slightly damaged, with slight optical defects, but technically faultless" is defined as devices...




defective/badly damaged, with strong optical and/or technical defects

As "defective / badly damaged, with strong optical and / or technical defects", devices are defined with the following characteristics: