Jes Computers Artikelklassifizierung in A-, B- und C-Qualität



  1. Definition PREMIUM quality
  2. Definition STANDARD quality
  3. Definition DEFECTIVE GOODS (C)



Jes Computers' range of products consists exclusively of affordable used laptops, tablet PCs, personal computers, LCD monitors and smartphones that have been professionally refurbished by our specialists.

You will notice that all our item descriptions classify which of our two main quality levels the items correspond to.

As an alternative to PREMIUM articles, which look almost like new devices, we also offer STANDARD quality articles for more price-conscious customers. However, both standards describe technically absolutely flawless devices in any case and differ only in cosmetic terms.

While articles in PREMIUM- (top quality) and in STANDARD-quality (top price) are offered for sale in our online stores and in our store, DEFECT GOODS (C-quality) are only used as spare parts before they are professionally recycled.

Below you will find detailed information on the three quality grades defined by Jes Computers:



  Definition PREMIUM quality


PREMIUM is defined as used laptops, tablet PCs, personal computer LCD monitors and smartphones, which are used and refurbished (generically overhauled) and show corresponding, slight signs of wear. Such wear and tear is in any case minor or negligible.


PREMIUM quality - undamaged, without significant defects, technically flawless

The above PREMIUM criteria should not necessarily be regarded as exhaustive, but they do provide a rough overview of the features to be expected


PREMIUM articles (top quality)




  Definition STANDARD quality


STANDARD items are described as items that may have minor visual defects, but which are absolutely irrelevant for operation. From a technical point of view, however, STANDARD devices must be absolutely flawless.


STANDARD quality - minor optical defects, technically flawless

The STANDARD criteria above are not necessarily to be considered exhaustive, but provide a rough overview of the features to be expected


STANDARD articles (top price)




  Definition DEFECTIVE GOODS (C)


DEFECTIVE GOODS (C-quality) are used devices which no longer permit operation or only to a limited extent. Such items usually have severe visual and/or technical defects, but are complete in terms of the relevant components.


DEFECTIVE GOODS (C-Quality) - strong optical and/or technical defects

The above-mentioned DEFECTIVE GOODS criteria are not necessarily to be regarded as conclusive, but they give a rough overview of the characteristics to be expected







Jes Computers Artikelklassifizierung in A-, B- und C-Qualität


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