We record the entire scope of delivery and describe the current status of each of your used devices. The exact model data and specifications are recorded as well as, as far as possible, serial and inventory numbers.

We make our documented results available to you in the form of our test reports.

Auditing / technical inspection

All used devices taken over by Net Competence Center GmbH undergo a function test on the one hand and an optical test on the other. We determine the technical condition, the completeness of the accessories, the battery life (at least 20 minutes), the data carrier(s), the optical drive, the display and the optical condition of the goods. We also check deliveries for forgotten floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, memory and SIM cards, which we can either return to you or physically destroy (shred).

Documentation / Test report

Following the technical check and any data deletion, we will send you a comprehensive test report containing the following information:

The inspection report and our previous takeover bid form the basis for invoicing on your part.