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  1. How can I benefit from an intelligent usage concept ?
  2. Calculation Example
  3. Further added values
  4. Who is CHG-Meridian ?



  How can I benefit from an intelligent usage concept ?




  Calculation Example

You are planning to purchase 100 notebooks and have already decided on a specific model from your preferred supplier. The present purchase offer per device amounts to CHF 900.00. You plan a use of 3 years. Together with CHG-MERIDIAN Schweiz AG, JES Computers GmbH calculates the remarketing proceeds in 3 years and offers you a possible usage concept:


  Acquisition costs for 100 devices x CHF 900.00 = CHF 90,000.00


  Rental factor for the usage concept per month = 2.650 % (includes the guaranteed residual value)


  The monthly rental rate is thus CHF 90,000.00 x 2.650 % = CHF 2,385.00


  After 36 months of use, you have paid 36 x CHF 2,385.00 = CHF 85,860.00 and have the JES Computers GmbH pick up the devices easily and at no additional cost.


  In this example, your savings compared to a classic purchase with upfront payment are CHF 4,140.00 (> 4.5%).





  Further added values

  Hardware always up to date; latest hardware at the latest price

  Reduction of internal ITC operating costs due to fewer disruptions caused by old hardware defects

  Positive impact on budget and cash flow

  Flexibility at the end of the lifecycle: return with data deletion, extension or transfer for purchase


*The example is subject to change, subject to the refinancing of a customer and on the basis of the contract with CHG-MERIDIAN Schweiz AG.




  Who is CHG-Meridian ?

CHG-MERIDIAN is one of the world's leading manufacturer- and bank-independent providers of technology management services in the IT, industry and healthcare sectors. With around 1100 employees, CHG-MERIDIAN offers its customers integrated utilisation concepts for their technology infrastructure - from consulting, financial and operational services to remarketing services for the equipment used in two of its own technology and service centres in Germany and Norway and in cooperation with long-standing remarketing partners in Switzerland. CHG-MERIDIAN offers efficient technology management for large companies, SMEs and public institutions and serves over 11,000 customers worldwide with technology investments of more than CHF 5 billion. The company has a worldwide presence in 25 countries and 40 locations; its Swiss headquarters are in Baden, AG.


Would you like to learn more about our partner, visit CHG-Meridian here.






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