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  1. ePROFIT - Digital sponsoring connects
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  ePROFIT - Digital sponsoring connects

Sports clubs are constantly striving to raise funds and are making great efforts to do so. ePROFIT is a platform for digital and uncomplicated sponsoring that gives every member the chance to become active as a sponsor of his sports club.


Club members, clubs and sponsors are connected on a single platform. Each member can profit in such a way from attractive price advantages and each association the possibility is ordered to take financial means for the cash of the association on simple way.


When shopping daily at ePROFIT partners, club members can earn CASHBACK (cash refund). The amount is divided and transferred to the accounts of the respective member and association. This is a simple way to actively support your association without having to take additional money into your hands.


The CASCHBACK amount earned on a purchase is credited directly to your ePROFIT app and transferred at the end of the month to yours and your club's account.


When registering on the ePROFIT app, your favourite club must be chosen. An ePROFIT club card with the club logo will then be created in the app, which must be shown when shopping at ePROFIT partners. This card will be scanned in the Jes Computers shop and the credit will be credited directly to your ePROFIT App. When ordering via the JesShop, you will be asked for the ePROFIT member number in the checkout process, which must then be entered accordingly.



  Calculation example of the CASHBACK at Jes Computers

Jes Computers sponsors a CASHBACK of 5%. Of this amount, 70% is returned to the eProfit member and 30% is transferred to the association chosen by the member.


 Order value for ordering a notebook = CHF 300.00 incl. VAT


 Total CASHBACK for the order of a notebook = 5% = CHF 15.00 incl. VAT


 Payment by eProfit to the member = 70% of CHF 15.00 = CHF 10.50


 Payment by eProfit to the selected club = 30% of CHF 15.00 = CHF 4.50


 Your savings in this example are CHF 10.50 and you have supported your association!





If you would like to learn more about Jes Computers Partner, please visit ePROFIT here.


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