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  1. Quick overview: Jes Computer's employee stores are free of charge and relieve the burden on your IT department
  2. The exclusive portfolio
  3. Articles in PREMIUM and STANDARD quality
  4. Selling prices Exclusive portfolio

  Quick overview: Jes Computer's employee stores are free of charge and relieve the burden on your IT department


Time and again, employees knock on the door of in-house IT departments, wanting to take over their recently replaced notebook for private use, for example. This need presents employers with a wide variety of challenges: Remanufacturing, operating system installation (and proper licensing), billing, and possible after-sales support are just a few of the issues that need to be addressed.

Jes Computers supports you in this process and takes care of all the expenses, so that you can do something good for your staff without having to invest any in-house capacity. The employee stores of Jes Computers are basically available to all companies in Switzerland free of charge and absolutely free of obligation, in order to be able to offer their personnel used IT articles at preferential prices. In this way, the companies profit directly from the sale of the old equipment, satisfy the need of their own personnel to take over discarded equipment and at the same time have virtually no expenses. Because Jes Computers takes over the complete end customer support from A to Z! Basically, the complete Jes Computers second-hand portfolio is available to the employees of our corporate customers at preferential prices. Whether or not the own used equipment is handed over to Jes Computers at fair conditions for the employee store is absolutely optional.

On the part of the Jes Computers customer, only a special link (provided by Jes Computers) to the extremely easy-to-use employee store must be made available to the employees, for example via the intranet. All business relations regarding employee promotions take place exclusively between the employees of the respective supplier and Jes Computers GmbH.

Jes Computers employee stores are created explicitly for you, completely customized (for example, your company logo is implemented) and adapted to the needs of your employees.


Customized employee store

Your company's logo will be prominently displayed in the top left corner of the store as well as in the main banner


All items that Jes Computers purchases from you and is allowed to offer for sale to your employees in an employee store are first tested in detail by Jes Computers, overhauled and refueled with the respective licensed operating system. Your employees then have the possibility to define in the checkout process in which language (German, English, French, Italian) they would like to have the operating system installed on the respectively ordered laptop or PC.

Jes Computers grants up to three months warranty on all used laptops, PCs, monitors and smartphones purchased through the JesShop from your own inventory.



  The exclusive portfolio


A key differentiator of the Employee Shop is that a specific main product group is created for each sub-framework, named after the respective company (called "Customer" in the example below).

In addition to the general Jes Computers refurbished portfolio and Jes Services, your own old equipment can optionally be offered for sale exclusively for your employees under the specific main product group.


Exclusive products are grouped in specific main product group (customer)

Your own products are categorized in detail under the specific main product group


A great added value are our accessories catalogs, which are automatically assigned to each of your own devices. With a single click, your employees have access to upgrade options, available accessories and suitable brand-new replacement batteries and power supplies.


Specific accessories catalog for each of your items

A specific accessories catalog is created for each of your devices, which includes: Accessories, upgrades, spare parts



  Articles in PREMIUM and STANDARD quality


The Jes Computers online articles are always declared as PREMIUM or STANDARD quality. Whenever possible, the exclusive articles for employee stores are also created in both PREMIUM quality (Best Quality) and STANDARD quality (Best Price). The employee can then choose whether to purchase a technically and visually flawless device at a slightly higher price, or a technically flawless device with slight visual signs of use at a slightly lower price.


Jes Computers distinguishes between good STANDARD and excellent PREMIUM quality

Each article is clearly declared in the store as PREMIUM or STANDARD quality


Would you like to learn more about our quality standards? - Under articles in PREMIUM and STANDARD quality you will find a corresponding overview




  Selling prices Exclusive portfolio

Equipment from your own stocks should be able to be purchased as cheaply as possible by your employees!

Jes Computers guarantees transparency and fairness to you and your staff! The basis for the calculation of the employee sales prices are the respective product purchase prices, to which only the average expenses in the form of services and material are added. Jes Computers deliberately refrains from an additional profit margin.


Guideline values for calculating the employee markup for notebooks and personal computers

Transparency is writ large: fixed figures using the example of notebooks and personal computers


Surcharges for other items (LCD monitors, smartphones, etc.), which are less costly to refurbish, are negotiated and agreed bilaterally.



Your company provides us with notebooks for CHF 100.00 each - your employees are guaranteed to be offered these devices via the employee store for CHF 219.00.






Jes Computers Mitarbeitershop exklusiv für Ihre Arbeitnehmer


If you are interested in an employee store, please contact the corporate customers team of Jes Computers without any obligation !