1. Shadowy sides of IT production
  2. Refurbished Hardware as a sustainable alternative
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  Shadowy sides of IT production

The most important raw materials for IT equipment include minerals such as tin, tantalum, tungsten, cassiterite, coltan, wolframite and their concentrates, as well as gold and rare earths. These raw materials are often mined under hazardous conditions in countries without appropriate social and environmental standards. In many mines and smelters, abysmal occupational safety and exploitation prevail, as suppliers of IT components frequently fail to comply with labor and human rights and unscrupulously rely on forced, prison or child labor. The production of IT equipment is also not without problems from an ecological point of view, because the manufacture of a single notebook alone requires an average of more than 750 liters of water and releases around 150 kilograms of CO2.



  Refurbished hardware as a sustainable alternative

To minimize these risks in raw material procurement and the ecological footprint, Jes Computers offers remanufacturing of high-quality and durable business equipment as a sustainable alternative to new equipment. Many companies often replace their hardware after just a few years. However, when companies discard their hardware, it doesn't mean that those devices are out of date. Many other users with lower demands on bandwidth or computing power can still use such hardware for several years. From an ecological point of view, it also makes sense to give used hardware a second life, since refurbishing and reusing it saves the corresponding resources for new production and protects the environment from further contamination.



  Der JesCycle

8 steps in the Jes Computers remarketing process

Jes Computers - der JesCycle

Without exception, all used laptops, tablet PCs, personal computers, workstations, LCD monitors and smartphones go through the Jes Computers remarketing process



  That's where you come in

By donating your retired client hardware to Jes Computers, you can help create benefits in many ways: Your company benefits from the proceeds of depreciated equipment for accounting purposes. You enable your employees to take over their previous work equipment at a favorable price without expecting after-sales support from your company. You also help to ensure that students and pupils in particular have access to affordable, high-quality IT equipment for studying or home schooling. You are sending a clear signal: for our environment and against the violation of labor and human rights in the production of new equipment.





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