1. What to do with decommissioned client hardware in your company?
  2. Conserving resources - achieving added value
  3. Why give away money?
  4. Framework conditions
  5. Offer Models
  6. Your Trade-In Request



Unsere Kernkompetenz ist das IT-Remarketing inklusive zertifizierter Datenlöschung. Wir kaufen Ihre ausgemusterte Client-Infrastruktur (PCs, Notebooks, LCD-Monitore, Workstations sowie mobile Geräte) und kümmern uns um eine sichere Abholung.

  What to do with decommissioned client hardware in your company?

For the environment, the disposal of used electrical equipment is now a problem that cannot be trivialised. Electronic waste pollutes our environment to a dangerous extent and valuable resources, such as water, are wasted in the constant production of new IT products.

Have you ever thought about disposing of your equipment and returning it to the market for reuse?



  Conserving resources - achieving added value

The reuse of IT equipment conserves valuable raw materials and is the most environmentally friendly form of recycling.
As an IT remarketing company, we purchase used business equipment, which we then professionally prepare and return to the market for reuse.



  Why give away money?

By selling your old hardware you gain new capital quickly and effortlessly, which you can reinvest in new IT projects, for example.



  Framework conditions

For organizational reasons we can make you an offer only starting from a larger number of pieces (minimum quantity 25 pieces). Please also note that we do not purchase goods from private customers.



  Offer Models

Our purchase offers are basically cluster-based (see also article classifications). In order to simplify your life a bit, we offer you the possibility to calculate different weighted mixed prices:






  Your Trade-In Request

In order for Jes Computers to be able to calculate the best possible trade-in offer for you, it is of fundamental importance that the articles you offer for buyback are described in as much detail as possible. Under the following link you will find an Excel template for your request. Please note that there is a separate tab for each product group.


  The JES Computers template for creating a trade-in request is available here.



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