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The core competence of Jes Computers GmbH is IT remarketing including certified data erasure. We buy your used IT client hardware (notebooks, tablet PC's, personal computers, LCD monitors and smartphones) and take care of a safe collection all over Switzerland.


  What to do with decommissioned IT hardware in your business?


For the environment, the disposal of used IT equipment has become a problem that cannot be trivialized. IT hardware scrap pollutes our environment to a dangerous extent, and the constant production of new IT products wastes many raw materials, such as water, tin, tantalum, tungsten, cassiterite, coltan, wolframite and their concentrates, as well as gold and rare earths. The production of a single notebook alone requires an average of more than 750 liters of water and releases around 150 kilograms of CO2.

Likewise, the production of new infromatic devices far too often also means abysmal labor protection and exploitation, as suppliers of IT components often fail to uphold labor and human rights and unscrupulously rely on forced, prison or child labor.

As an IT remarketing company, Jes Computers offers both the purchase and sale of used IT equipment. Your used equipment will be professionally refurbished by our specialists and returned to the market in the form of "refurbished" hardware.

Have you ever thought about giving your used IT equipment to Jes Computers and thus contributing to the conservation of valuable raw materials, to the protection of many people from exploitation and generally to the most environmentally friendly form of recycling?

Specialized in client hardware and telecommunication products (smartphones)

Jes Computers - Trade-In Fokus-Produkte

Classic client hardware (business laptops, tablet PCs, personal computers, LCD monitors and telecommunications products (smartphones) form the core business of Jes Computers GmbH.


It is exciting to observe how more and more companies are now interested in using used IT that has been professionally refurbished, and how they are increasingly becoming our enthusiastic customers. This circumstance allows us to complement our business model step by step with servers and network components as well as ThinClients.



  Conserve resources - achieve added value


When you sell your used IT hardware to Jes Computers, you contribute to the conservation of natural resources, help to reduce the exploitation of many people and also achieve very personal added value. You effortlessly gain new capital, which you can reinvest in current IT projects, for example.


IT remarketing with Jes Computers - for the environment, for people and for your finances

Jes Computers - Resources and added value

IT refurbishing and remarketing offer advantages that cannot be dismissed - you do something for people and the environment and even earn money with it.


In line with the topic of environmental protection, it is also a major concern for us that our products are not ultimately cannibalized somewhere in the world and then carelessly thrown away in some landfill. We avoid this scenario as much as possible by serving the Swiss market (online store, Jes Computers store) and exporting large volumes only to countries where Jes Computers has its own distribution network or works with reputable partners.





For organizational reasons, Jes Computers can only make you an offer for the purchase of your used IT hardware from a larger quantity (minimum quantity 25 units). Please also note that Jes Computers does not buy used equipment from private customers or take it in payment for the purchase of our refurbished products.


Minimum quantities - from a quantity of 25 pieces Jes Computers takes over used client hardware

From a logistical and administrative point of view, and not least in terms of ecological apsects, taking on very small quantities makes little sense.



  Offert models


Our trade-in offers are always cluster-based (see also article classifications). However, to make life a little easier for you, we also offer you the alternative of opting for one of our two mixed price models, both of which offer the advantage of being able to offer unit prices per device sold.


Whether clustering or mixed models - the right offer for everyone

Jes Computers - Offert-Modelle für Ankauf von gebrauchten Notebooks, Compuoter und Monitoren

While cluster-based trade-in includes an adjusted purchase price per quality level, our blended models offer unit prices per equipment model.




  Your trade-in request


In order for Jes Computers to be able to calculate the best possible purchase offer for you, it is of elementary importance that the used notebooks, PCs and monitors you are offering for buyback are described in as much detail as possible. Under the following link you will find an Excel template for your request. Please note that there is a separate register for each product group.


  The Jes Computers template for creating a trade-in request, is available here.




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