With our second-hand offers you get high-quality equipment at a fraction of the actual new price.

With a PC or notebook, the loss in value is greatest in the first few years. Companies replace their IT equipment at regular intervals. Most of the devices are well maintained and in perfect condition. After three to four years in operation, maintenance costs can already exceed the sales value, which is why it makes sense for many companies to sell such equipment again. And this is exactly what you can benefit from. You get high-quality devices at affordable conditions!


Why are our occassion offers mostly more robust than consumer devices available from retailers?

All major computer manufacturers have two product categories: Devices for private use (consumer) are produced as cheaply as possible in order to be affordable for everyone. They are usually equipped with inexpensive components and therefore not particularly durable. Business equipment is subject to different demands. First and foremost, they must be robust, reliable and durable, but usually also considerably quieter and quieter.

Jes Computers GmbH buys used IT equipment from large and medium-sized companies, from public authorities and from the health service. The used hardware is thoroughly checked by us before resale, thoroughly cleaned and professionally reconditioned.

Where do we sell our offers and who can shop with us?

A large part of our used goods portfolio is sold through dealers and wholesalers at home and abroad, who then take over the fine distribution. Accordingly, our devices are often used again in regions with correspondingly low per capita income (Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Africa, Central and South America).

We offer a smaller portion of our range for sale in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein via our web shop. On our eCommerce platform, we offer you thousands of "new" articles in addition to our occassion portfolio. Our online shop is available to retailers as well as companies and private individuals. Visit us and let us surprise you...