Jes Computers logistics and warehouse offers space for over 100 Euro pallets



  1. Transports
  2. Warehouse
  3. Logistics services
  4. Auditing and data deletion center



We offer efficient return logistics and support you with professional collection and removal on the agreed date, regardless of size and volume:

  •     Uninstalling your client hardware at your workstation
  •     Professional collection and removal of old equipment
  •     Take-back solutions for old appliances and commercial electrical waste





Wherever possible, we organise the collection of your equipment using our own fleet of vehicles in order to keep transport costs as low as possible. We have two delivery vans (3.5t), each with a payload of 1,400 kilograms, at our disposal at all times. For the shifting of large volumes or for transports over long distances, we cooperate with well-known forwarding companies. If the delivery still contains electronic customer data (not deleted hard disks), such transports are always accompanied by one of our employees.




In our warehouse we have well over a hundred pallet spaces where tested, anonymised and reusable client hardware is stored until it is sold. Short transport routes and direct access to the goods lift / ramp enable us to handle goods efficiently.

A part of our storage capacity is reserved for rollout projects: New equipment, which is delivered by our staging and service partner with a full tank of fuel, can be stored safely and cost-effectively until called off by our customers.




  Logistics services


In addition to the pure storage area, our logistics centre offers a variety of services which are used in the context of our rollout, relocation and remarketing projects:

  •     Unloading and loading of trucks (with forklift trucks)
  •     Recording of serial numbers at goods receipt (hand scanner)
  •     Creation of incoming lists (serial numbers / inventory numbers)
  •     Unpacking of new devices and sorting of package contents
  •     DOA test (Defective on Arrival)
  •     Separation and disposal of packaging material (plastic, cardboard, CDs, disposable pallets)
  •     Creating asset tags (inventory stickers) for our customers
  •     Labeling of customer devices with asset tags
  •     Packaging of the devices in protective sleeves (minimum packaging)
  •     Palletizing and storage (minimal packaging) for customer rollout


  Auditing and data deletion center


All devices that could still contain your data are stored in our specially secured and monitored auditing and data erasure centre.

With our two state-of-the-art data erasing lines, we are able to erase more than a hundred devices simultaneously or refuel with new software.






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