Some of the client hardware you have taken over is defective and can no longer be repaired? We dispose of it for you free of charge!

We attach great importance to an environmentally friendly and professional disposal! For this reason, we work directly with SWICO.

Defective devices are collected by us and regularly handed over to SWICO, where they are professionally disassembled into their components and optimally recycled.




Every old television set, every discarded computer contains a variety of valuable raw materials that can be recycled. At the same time, the pollutants contained in the devices must be removed in such a way that people and the environment are not affected. Over 60,000 tonnes of obsolete electrical and electronic equipment was recycled by Swico Recycling in 2014.

Since 1994, an advance recycling fee (vRG) has been charged for new electronic and electrical equipment in Switzerland. This is used for the environmentally sound recycling of equipment, the recycling of materials and the clean disposal of non-recyclable materials and pollutants. Swico Recycling guarantees that all equipment returned to retailers or official collection points is recycled in an environmentally sound manner.



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