Jes Computers überholt Ihre IT-Hardware und setzt sie für die Wiederverwendung instand



  1. Repair
  2. Anonymization / Neutralization



In our refurbishment process, the devices you have taken over are overhauled and prepared for reuse.





After several years of use with you, a lot of dust has accumulated inside the devices. In the course of reprocessing, all received equipment is cleaned inside and outside. Any defective components or components with cosmetic weaknesses will, if possible, be repaired or replaced by replacement material from our internal spare parts warehouse. It is our declared goal to be able to reuse all devices without exception.



  Anonymization / Neutralization


During the refurbishment, the devices are also neutralized. All articles are completely anonymized and all origin information (inventory tags, service stickers, etc.) removed. This ensures that it is guaranteed that it will no longer be possible to trace the origin of the devices.




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