Quels sont les ordinateurs portables Remarketing?



  1. What does IT remarketing mean?
  2. The JesCycle
  3. New does not always have to mean better
  4. Jes Computers' offer
  5. Jes Computers Webshop vs. offers on auction platforms
  6. Warranty / Guarantee for Remarketing Devices



  What does IT remarketing mean?


The term IT remarketing is used to describe the entire process of remarketing used IT hardware, and in summary means nothing more than the resale of used IT products. The remanufacturing and use of used IT equipment helps to avoid waste and at the same time conserves natural resources that would be used in the production of new equipment - it is part of Green IT!

Jes Computers exclusively processes used business equipment, which has been replaced by banks, insurance companies, public authorities, industry or the health care sector in their operations, i.e. which is no longer needed for their operations. Our focus is on client hardware (notebooks, tablet PCs, personal computers and monitors) and telecommunications products (smartphones).


Focus products at Jes Computers

We are almost exclusively specialized in client computing (laptops, tablet PCs, personal computers, workstations, LCD monitors) and telecommunication (smartphones).




  The JesCycle


In contrast to the private sale of used equipment, remarketing articles are professionally revised by the specialists of Jes Computers and consistently pass through the JesCycle. This allows us to meet the quality requirements of our customers and ensure that our used laptops and computer systems can be used successfully for a long time.


8 steps in the Jes Computers remarketing process

Jes Computers - der JesCycle

Without exception, all used laptops, tablet PCs, personal computers, workstations, LCD monitors and smartphones go through the Jes Computers remarketing process




  New does not always have to mean better


Most users erroneously assume that only the latest PCs, notebooks, tablets, monitors and smartphones can meet their demands. In reality, however, most new generations of devices only show significant improvements in details. A used business laptop, a second-hand PC or even a smartphone that is only a few years old and has been refurbished by Jes Computers is still top of the line - and often only a fraction of the price of the latest successor product from a specialist retailer. Last but not least, the environment benefits considerably if a device is used for a longer period of time, since from an ecological point of view, the disposal of used electrical devices has become a problem that cannot be trivialized. Electronic waste pollutes the environment to a dangerous extent and valuable resources, such as water, are wasted in the constant production of new IT products (see also IT refurbishing - for the environment and budget).




  Jes Computers' offer


Within the scope of refurbishing, our devices are classified, whereby only the used business notebooks, PCs, monitors, tablets and smartphones of the PREMIUM and STANDARD standards, transparently declared, are offered for sale to our customers via the it-remarketing.ch online store.


Refurbished IT-Equipment in PREMIUM- and STANDARD-Quality

Premium devices are optically and technically absolutely free of damage, while standard items may show signs of optical wear.


The laptop promotions of Jes Computers are known throughout Switzerland and are a popular way to quickly and conveniently buy a used business laptop. Customers of Jes Computers are free to buy used business laptops, used computers, used monitors, tablets or smartphones in the online store it-remarketing.ch and then have them conveniently delivered by mail, or to pick up their refurbished second-hand laptops personally in the Jes Computers store in Zurich-Oerlikon.

Our customers benefit from the best quality at the best price, even if the performance of the used laptops, computers and smartphones does not correspond 100% to the latest Intel performance portfolio.



  Jes Computers Webshop vs. offers on auction platforms


All used business laptops, computers, LCD monitors, tablets and smartphones are cleaned, checked and if necessary equipped with more memory or new components by specialists of Jes Computers. Afterwards, a legal operating system version is installed on the previously professionally erased hard drive. As a refurbisher, we can, if necessary, fall back on inexpensive licenses and thus still offer the used laptops and computers including operating system at extremely low prices.

As a rule, Jes Computers' prices are only slightly higher than those of private sellers who offer their used laptops and computers on the usual auction platforms. Compared to such offers, the Jes Computers online store www.it-remarketing.ch even offers price advantages, since no commissions have to be paid to the auctioneer. 



  Warranty / Guarantee for Remarketing Devices


Private sellers or smallest dealers usually exclude the warranty on their second-hand products (used laptops, used computers, used monitors). Later occurring defects must be repaired by the customer himself or must be repaired with costs. Only if such a seller fraudulently conceals defects known to him, the buyer has a right of return. However, this is usually difficult to prove. Similarly, there is no right of withdrawal when buying from private sellers. It is also not possible to check at first glance whether the software installed on the used PC or used laptop is actually legal. In case of doubt, additional investments in software licenses have to be made. Jes Computers provides all their refurbished products with a 3 months warranty. During this period, Jes Computers will repair any defects on your business notebook, tablet, computer, monitor or smartphone absolutely free of charge (the only exceptions are consumables such as batteries, or damage caused by improper handling such as display breakage).




gebrauchte Laptops - getestet, gereinigt und refurbished


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