The Jes Computers Remarketing Process - For Buying Your Business Notebooks and PC's



  1. Introduction
  2. Remarketing Process
  3. Your Trade-In Request




The remarketing process, i.e. the step-by-step sequence from trade-in request to invoicing, is clearly defined and consistently applied by Jes Computers. If you would like to offer us your decommissioned IT equipment (client hardware) for repurchase and would like to know in this context how you must proceed and what you can expect from us, then the following presentation of our remarketing process will give you important information during preparation and planning. Please also note that the various tiles may be linked to provide more detailed information on the subject.




  Remarketing Process






  Your Trade-In Request

In order for Jes Computers to be able to calculate the best possible trade-in offer for you, it is of fundamental importance that the articles you offer for buyback are described in as much detail as possible. Under the following link you will find an Excel template for your request. Please note that there is a separate tab for each product group.


  The JES Computers template for creating a trade-in request is available here.




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