Thanks to the Jes Computers rollout / rollback services, your equipment is always at the right place at the right time.



  1. Skills
  2. Organizational matters



We support you in the commissioning of your new client hardware. Whether planning, project management or fine distribution of your new devices, we support you throughout the entire process chain and ensure that each device is in the right place at the defined time. Thanks to the many years of experience of our project managers, we are able to draw up realistic schedules. Our rollouts are efficient, shorten implementation time and reduce costs. Whenever you want to re-equip your workstations, our rollout technicians are the right choice.

We ensure careful transport and error-free implementation.







The following tasks are among our core competencies:


  •     Rollout planning (project management, rough and detailed planning)
  •     Transports (company fleet of vehicles)
  •     IT removals
  •     Staging support (with partner)
  •     Attaching your inventory adhesives
  •     Fine distribution to your users
  •     Neat cabling (functional / visually appealing)
  •     Disposal of packaging material
  •     Return of old devices
  •     Certified data erasure
  •     Reuse of your old equipment
  •     Professional disposal


Windows deployment & client rollout

The installation of operating systems and the physical setup at the workstation are among Jes Computers' absolute strengths.



  Organizational matters


Jes Computers GmbH is a lean company that cultivates a large number of partnerships. It is a central concern of ours to be customer-oriented and flexible.

For these reasons, our partner company provides us with local employees for the operational part of your rollouts at any time. The rollout employees are basically students (university, ETH, FH) who want to escape from the lecture hall ambience in a highly motivated and motivated manner.

The demands placed on students and graduates by business are constantly increasing and expanding. In addition to education at a university or college, they should already have work experience. Collecting practical experience while studying is therefore considered indispensable and at the same time a welcome change from theoretical everyday life and usually necessary to finance your studies.

Our company acts as a link between the customer and the executing students. In addition to SPOC (Single-Point-of-Contact), we always appoint our internal specialists for project management and the various rollout team leaders.




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