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  1. What awaits you in our shop?
  2. What can our Service Center do for you?
  3. Location of the Jes Computers Shop
  4. How to find us (Google Maps)
  5. Shop opening hours


  What awaits you in our shop?

Our shop in a prime location in Zurich-Oerlikon invites you to browse and linger. A variety of our online products are ready for you here - our motto is: Touch & Feel or Try & buy!

Our managing director, Mrs. Ardiana Sopa, and also our Mr. Blerim Haziri are available to you day by day in our shop with advice and action. They will be happy to advise you or show you the equipment of your choice. Come and visit us and be surprised by our enormous selection of notebooks, personal computers and LCD monitors.




  What can our Service Center do for you?

Our Service Center is also located in the same premises as our shop. Mr. Blerim Haziri and his team take care of our warranty cases, repair equipment, install operating systems and upgrade your hardware according to your wishes.

We offer the following services at any time:




  Location of the Jes Computers Shop

Jes Computers GmbH

Baumackerstrasse 49

CH-8050 Zürich-Oerlikon



  How to find us

The most convenient way to find your way to our shop is here via Google Maps


We can be reached on foot within 5 minutes from Oerlikon railway station via Hofwiesenstrasse. For motorists, we have the following facilities on Baumackerstrasse (white zone) are available (parking meters accept coins from 50 centimes to 5 francs). Also, parking spaces opposite us in front of the post office are available. For short-term parkers (parking meters only accept 50 centimes and 1 franc coins).




  Shop opening hours

Monday to Friday:       09:00 hrs - 11:45 hrs

                                    13:00 hrs - 18:30 hrs

Saturday:                     09:30 hrs - 16:00 hrs