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What to do with decommissioned hardware in your business?


You are faced with the challenge of integrating a new hardware generation into your existing IT infrastructure. In addition to the procurement, rollout and commissioning of the new inventory, there is always the question of what to do with your old, depreciated but still functional hardware.

For the environment, the disposal of used IT equipment is now a problem that cannot be trivialized. IT hardware scrap pollutes our environment to a dangerous extent, and the constant new production of IT and telecommunications products requires many raw materials, such as water, tin, tantalum, tungsten, cassiterite, coltan, wolframite and their concentrates, as well as gold and rare earths. The production of a single notebook alone requires an average of more than 750 liters of water and releases around 150 kilograms of CO2.  Similarly, the production of new IT equipment far too often also means abysmal labor protection and exploitation, because suppliers of IT components often fail to uphold labor and human rights and unscrupulously use forced, prison or child labor.

Unlike new production, the remarketing of IT hardware ensures that neither CO2 is produced nor do new raw materials have to be processed. Likewise, labor and human rights are not violated, as Jes Computers refurbishes and recycles all equipment under Swiss law without exception.

The increasing interest in remanufactured computing products enables us to give a second life to a steadily growing share of your devices via our online store solutions within Switzerland. Private individuals, students with low budgets but also more and more SMEs and startups are grateful buyers of cheap but high quality used business hardware.

Sell your used hardware to Jes Computers. You contribute to the protection of natural resources, help to reduce the exploitation of many people, enable many fellow citizens to purchase high-quality equipment at affordable prices and, of course, achieve personal added value. You effortlessly gain new capital, which you can reinvest in current IT projects, for example.




Benefit from our all-inclusive Trade-In


 Free offer 

We evaluate your inventory based on parts lists and specifications free of charge. Rollback concept, project flow or integration into a sustainability concept. Support for your company.


Free collection
Throughout Switzerland, all hardware is picked up from you free of charge and even unpacked. Transport containers, pallets, cushioning material will be brought by Jes Computers.


Free data erasure
With the Common Criteria (ISO 15408) certified Blancco Drive Erasure Software your data will be irrevocably erased. The erasure process can be tracked at any time via the Blancco Cloud if desired. Audit-compliant erasure certificates are delivered in PDF format or are available for you to view and download in the Blancco Cloud.


Free anonymization
All items are completely anonymized, inventory stickers and possible residues removed from them, so that it is guaranteed that no more conclusions can be drawn about your company. (If explicitly requested, dull strokes in the device housing will be removed for a fee).


Free disposal
Devices that do not make it into the second cycle are recycled as spare parts donors and finally disposed of professionally via Swico in accordance with the Swiss recycling standard SN EN 50625.


Free audit
Every single device is examined by specialists in our audit center and put through its paces and evaluated. The results of the audits are transmitted by means of our audit report and serve as the basis for the final invoice.


Immediate payment of proceeds
Payment is guaranteed within 10 days of receipt of your invoice.


Free employee webshop

Upon request, we will create a free and completely obligation-free webshop for your employees, which will carry your company logo. Through the employee store, your staff will have exclusive access to your old equipment, which can be ordered at rock-bottom prices for private use. All items offered by us come with a 3-month basic warranty, which can be optionally extended to a 1-year advanced warranty.



Your advantages at a glance


Attractive proceeds

Fast generation of fresh capital - an offer is made within 48 hours. Purchasing new hardware is a major financial challenge for a company. This can be reduced by Jes Computers buying up your old hardware at attractive prices, irrevocably deleting your data in accordance with your security guidelines and taking over the entire remarketing effort for you. Benefit from our customized purchase models.


Reputable Swiss refurbisher

You rely on one of the largest refurbishers in Switzerland, benefiting from more than 15 years of experience in refurbishing and remarketing of depreciated but still functional client hardware. Annually we take over and process well over 30'000 units. Jes Computers has sufficient financial resources to handle even large projects.



The security of the data on the purchased devices is fully guaranteed and documented from transport to data erasure. We trust in Blancco Drive Erasure and guarantee the irrevocable deletion of the data on the devices. External anonymization of the devices is also included.


Environmental protection

Unlike new production, remarketing computer systems ensures that no CO2 is produced. Instead of environmentally damaging disposal, your used infrastructure is returned to the market after cleaning and repair.



gebrauchte Laptops - getestet, gereinigt und refurbished


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