Optical mouse
  • USB
  • wired
  • 2 buttons
  • scroll wheel
  • used & refurbished
  • STANDARD-Quality
Manufacturer JES
Manufacturer# JES:OPT-USBMOUSE-2B/RB
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This product is delivered in STANDARD quality ! - for example with smaller optical traces of use, which are clearly visible, but functionally absolutely irrelevant.


Product information:

Optical mice have a light-emitting diode on the underside. This emits a light beam onto the surface, for example a desk. The desk reflects the light beam, whereupon a sensor on the mouse records the reflection. A built-in processor continuously calculates the various reflections and uses them to determine mouse movement and speed. Compared to a mechanical mouse, an optical mouse works much more precisely. And because there are no mechanical parts, there is no need for cleaning.

The optical mouse works with a light emitting diode. It only works really well on certain surfaces, which usually requires a mouse pad. On a glass table, for example, you would have problems. In return, it is less susceptible to surface irregularities than a laser mouse.


Production period: July 2012 - December 2016
Category: used & refurbished
Quality standard: STANDARD





Warranty / Guarantee:

Manufacturer's Warranty: expired / no remaining warranty
JES Warranty: 1 month






Layout: Standard Scroll-Mouse
Color: black
Application area: Office
Connection type: wired
Connection: USB
Power supply: via USB cable
Number of keys: 2
Ergonomics: for right and left handers













Manufacturer Information:

These are computer mice from different manufacturers. There is no claim to a specific model.



Package content:

optical Mouse: yes
Original box: no





Delivery method:

PostPac Priority or pickup at our store in Zurich-Oerlikon.

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