Used to connect devices with DVI-D interface
  • Cable length: 1.2 - 1.8 Meter
  • used & refurbished
  • STANDARD-Quality
Manufacturer JES
Manufacturer# JES:DVI-D.SL-VIDEO-1.8/RB
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This product is delivered in STANDARD quality ! - for example with smaller optical traces of use, which are clearly visible, but functionally absolutely irrelevant.


Product information:

You can transmit the same video signals via a DVI cable as via HDMI. However, this standard only specializes in the image and does not transmit sound. DVI is available in several variants, which are designated differently. While with DVI-I both analog and digital signals can be transmitted, DVI-D is only available for digital signals. The article described here is a DVI-D cable for purely digital signal transmission. If possible, a digital image transmission is always preferable to an analog one (VGA).

Production period:  no information available
Category:  used & refurbished
Quality standard:  STANDARD




Warranty / Guarantee:

Manufacturer's Warranty:  expired / no remaining warranty
JES Warranty:  1 month





Color cable:  black
Color plug:  white
Connection 1:  DVI-D (Single Link)
Connection 2:  DVI-D (Single Link)
Cable length: 1.2 - 1.8 meters




Manufacturer information:

These are DVI-D cables from different manufacturers. There is no claim to a specific model.




Package content:

DVI-D cable: yes




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